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    Welcome Can You Help Me

    Post  Star on Sun Dec 07, 2008 7:41 am

    Am in need of a coder not that am lazy but i have done all i can.
    world sever is 100% so is login sever i cant seem to get char sever to work lol
    fahion have been added everything works just to make a acct for my sever i would have to make it for
    everyone that wants to join :/ dont feel like doing that ^^

    Moveing on
    i need 2 mods
    1 coder
    3 gm
    and ....
    some one that can make a website lol
    and forum i suck at them ^^

    if the sever does go up exp will be put to 1000
    for that week it gos up and i will give out 5 amp scrolls
    to the 1st 5 ppl that are online and some rare fashions that i have not
    put in the shop XD

    I dont know if it lags
    never lags when am on so
    i think its lag free lol XD
    need some beta testers!!!!

    If you want to be part of my staff
    send me a pm
    and i would like it
    if you new what you where doing
    dont just pm me and go i wanna be part couse i can help
    yea whatever

    one more thing if someone knows
    how to get my sever online without
    that retarded Hamachi
    thn i will make them a hero w/e class you want lol XD

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